Richard Thomas

‘ Very enjoyable. I was completely out of my comfort zone and somewhat anxious on arrival. However, I soon felt relaxed enough to enjoy what was an intense, but enjoyable five days of learning. All kudos to the staff and particularly my instructor, Mr Joe Sloly for a week that I will never forget! ‘

Philip Cunningham

‘ The presentation and slides were very good with good use of colours and nice and straight forward transitions without flying about. Very good training environment with a nice rest area and a very good selection of complimentary drinks. A very good learning atmosphere from facilities to very professional instructors. ‘

Simon Liley

‘ A well run course by competent and knowledgeable staff. ‘

Jennifer Norwood

“I have truly enjoyed my time conducting training here. The facility is amazing and there is a great comfortable feeling about ECDIS Ltd. among the staff.”

Andrzej Bak

“The course was changing my attitude to teaching/learning process. Now I know the way which I should follow in order to achive higher level of teaching.”