Simon Target

‘ I feel a lot more confident with ECDIS System management due to hands on experience, and plenty of time to learn and discuss freely. ‘

Scott Crookes

‘ I thought it would be a dry and boring course but Rob, the Instructor, broke things up nicely and the course was enjoyable. ‘

James Tait

‘ Excellent, plenty of coffee and sweets. Not as boring as a previous ECDIS course i attended elsewhere as; the classroom and time on the equipment was mixed up a lot. Exercises well thought out to help get more knowledge out of ECDIS systems. ‘

Tristan Burgess

‘ Excellent in booking and communications. Course was tailored to the needs of the students. Taught me additional knowledge, even after sailing with the system for 3 years! ‘

Conor Warde

‘ Excellent facilities and service! ‘

William Barnsley-Parsons

‘ Good quality training , really helpful! I called the day before to arrange a course before going to sea.
ECDIS accommodated me without any problems. ‘

Craig Merrison

‘ Excellent course and instructor.  Content was very good and would be recommending to others and returning here myself. ‘

Antony Winterbottom

” Mind blowing,  a lot to take in but very enjoyable! ”


Dave Sanders

” Very enjoyable, Friendly team and great facilities and equipment! “

Jack Glaves

” Enjoyed my time, learnt new things, excellent service and well looked after! “

Tom Dwyer

” Excellent course, instructors were excellent and more than happy to explain any problems you’re having. Tea and coffee facilities were very good. Overall I was very pleased with the course! “

Richard Williams

” Modern, well serviced training equipment. Excellent facilities. Impressed by the facilities modernity and knowledge. “

George Gould

“Clean, neat and organised establishment. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good simulators and benefited from being the only person on the course! “

Jason Ikiadis

” I was the only candidate in class so time was well spent and i managed to take away more knowledge which was personally satisfying.  Good to see a facility who is willing to conduct one on one training. “

Mike Savaria

” Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good facilities, cool furniture and a putting green! “

James Very II

” Best Training facility I’ve been to, Was short but informative and i will be walking away with a ton of knowledge! “

Robert Hinton

” Excellent. Thank you for buying in the software especially.  Achieved a lot in a relatively short space of time! “

Thomas Ephraim

” The facilities and building set up is excellent, all staff are friendly and happy to help with anything. “

Richard Davies

” An outstanding facility with exceptional equipment and tutors delivering high end training and mentoring! “

Steve Butler

” Well looked after and good presentation of material  “

Jeffrey Dulley

“Enjoyable and very useful. Many thanks to Neal for his knowledge and enthusiasm. “

Jeffrey Dulley

“Enjoyable and very useful. Many thanks to Neal for his knowledge and enthusiasm. “

Robert Warmisham

“Staff are all extremely helpful and friendly. Course was very relevant. Slides where of a high standard and well presented. Equipment was modern and user friendly.”

Krzysztof PABISIAK

“Practical exercises and excellent contact with instructor. Your facility is up to top marks.”

Chris Thompson

“Much better presentation than other courses I have attended here “

Arkadiusz Wlodarczyk

“There was no time for boring during one day of training in ECDIS Ltd. Time in the classroom was well organized. Instructor was able to pass me interesting and useful information. “

Jack Kitching

“I was very impressed. I expected the course to be a tick box exercise, “I need this to be compliant on my ship so let’s get it out of the way” but actually found it very useful and enjoyed the experience”

Michael Elson

“It’s been over two years since I was on a ship with ECDIS so this course was ideal for me before my next appointment which will have ECDIS and I look forward to returning next week for the Sperry Type course”

Charles Smith

“Amazed at the money spent on the establishment with high quality furnishings.”

Alexander Hampton

“Good knowledge from the instructor who was very engaging and interested in their subject matter!”

Alexander Hampton

“Made to feel at ease from the moment of arrival. Excellent facilities and amenities (Food) nearby.”

Sian Price

“Joining instructions booklet was very well laid out and easy to follow”

Faadil Esack

“Excellent course well delivered by an experienced and very well knowledgeable instructor”

Faadil Esack

“Very good establishment which is carried out in a professional manner”