Master Stefano Depetris

The ECDIS course for JRC has been very interesting and has been well organised. Only positive feedback.

Captain Jaroslaw

Excellent course to suit from novice to confident operator level. This will definitely improve my confidence and ability to use ECDIS as a Pilot in Pilotage waters. Lecturer also kept our interest up and livened the atmosphere with antidotes relevant to the course and never did any us get the feeling that we were bored. Excellent presentation skills.

2nd Officer Roman Lyubavin

As I already used the Kelvin Hughes ECDIS before, this was not so much news for me. I’m very pleased with the organisation and service of the training centre.

Master Artur Adamski

Found very convenient for my present position. Good refresher of my knowledge of JRC ECDIS.

Alasdair Smith

Trainer very knowledgable, well delivered and tailored to student ability. Excellent.

Ninaslav Butinovic

Strongly recommend this course to fellow officers. Excellent facilities and lecturer.

Stephen Mallett

Over-all a good course. Personally I would have preferred more time . A worthwhile course.

Paul Smith

Very long day but the instructor did very well to cover all subjects in the time available. Excellent course well structured well presented. Instructor should have a pay rise!

Ian Davis

ExpedoValuable Training, completely relevant to new instillation of equipment onboard fleet vessels.

Marek Ginter

More than satisfactory when it comes to educational experience. Good accommodation, convenient location.

Valeriy Baranov

Superb course and instructor. Many thanks, we will continue training of our officers with ECDIS Ltd.