Paul Hebden

“Face to face better than CBT- Able to ask advice /Guidance when required and questions answered promptly.”

Ong Kok Tiong

Very informative. The duration of the course (advanced QC ECDIS) was quite short as there is too much information to cover within two days.

Chief Mate Paul Ruzycki

GreenpeaceVery worthwhile course. Seeing that the future will be e-navigation, I highly recommend that all navigation officers take this course and not be left behind. The equipment is only as good as the (trained) operators

Captain Mike Fincken

GreenpeaceHaving never used electronic charts (let alone ECDIS) I am bowled over by how ingenious ECDIS is. A great training led by Mike, who seemed genuinely excited about the product.

George White

A quite in-depth course from the start, the course was delivered well by the lecturer who was very patient with the less able candidates on the course. One of the better courses I’ve attended during my career.

Steven A Gardiner, Tugmaster

More important and more relevant than most of the navigation lectures in Chief Mate Unlimited Course I recently completed.