Chee Kok Keong

STETThank you for the knowledge sharing and pointers! Definitely learnt new knowledge via this course.

Commodore Sreevihar Pradeep, Principal Training Consultant

ST ElectronicsI enjoyed going through the course and it gave me insights into new methods of ECDIS training and I can use some of the information and techniques in my training materials.

Hia Check Phong

STETThe instructor gave me plenty of food for thoughts and answered all my questions, using his extensive project management experience on WECDIS within the Navy.

Goh Siew Ngoh Jenny

MPA Singapore(I was) able to learn what other capabilities (there are) of ECDIS. New capabilities which presently our office ECDIS/ECS does not have.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Omer Guhadaroglu

Turkish NavyThe instructors style of teaching, especially given his sufficient practical time (on the equipment), was unique. His patience and desire for helping the attendees were admirable