Development and creation of the 2015 ECDIS Ltd Brochure

2015 has seen major changes for ECDIS ltd, with a significant increase in new courses and additional products & services added to our portfolio; including vessel creation and auditing. As such, our prospectus was in need of a major redesign. Amy Shelton, our Head of Marketing was tasked with this massive undertaking…

When I initially joined the marketing department one of the first tasks I was given was the job of overhauling the course and company marketing content, both online and for the 2014 prospectus. The design and content from the 2014 brochure was used as the initial inspiration for this year’s brochure, and as such, when it came to gathering the content, the majority of the fundamental work had already been done.

In addition to our pre-existing material, we thought outside the box and looked at various other brochures and also took inspiration from restaurant menus and hotel brochures! This was done as we wanted something user friendly and visually pleasing and we have always wanted to stand out from the crowd.

I learnt an awful lot creating last year’s brochure – it was the first real marketing material of any length that we had created at ECDIS Ltd so there was quite a lot of content to include. The main thing we really took away from it was that it needed to be clear and accessible to our clients – as such, this year we focused a lot on the organisation of the content.

Gathering all the information for the new courses and getting everything together in time for the print deadline was definitely a momentous challenge. All our trainers teach weekly either here or abroad so finding time to collect course content off them was difficult. We also didn’t want to produce something that was too heavy for people to want to take away, so narrowing the content down took a lot of discussion!

Before both the re-design of the website and creation of the new brochure, we had several marketing meetings about the new style that we wanted to incorporate into both projects. The website was re-designed first, which gave a basis for the visuals, meaning that designing the colours for the new brochure ran smoothly. Across both platforms we have added colour coding to our courses and used recognisable headings to increase the usability for our customers.

2014 was a really busy year for us, so when discussing the new brochure it was obvious to us that we had to include the wide range of new products and services. This gave us a huge amount of content to work with, but we’ve got a great team here so narrowing it down and getting all the right information wasn’t too much work; after plenty of planning and very long meetings!

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