The Future of Marine Simulation

For many years the aviation community has embraced simulator-based training as an integral part of teaching syllabi; not as a replacement for time in a real aircraft but to augment and consolidate theory, practice procedures and to push students’ capacity to a degree perhaps not possible in a real aircraft due to the risk inherent in willingly making things go wrong in the air.

Perhaps the collective inertia to integrate and exploit simulators for marine training is finally being overcome with the advent of a new generation of simulation technology. ECDIS Ltd is leading the world in reducing the gap between what training is possible at sea and what training is possible ashore. Through smart integration of existing, but extremely high-end hardware, ECDIS Ltd is able to provide 360° high definition bridge simulators of a quality and realism that has not been seen before. From the perspective of the end user this technology offers training with tangible benefits and at a fraction of the cost, and risk, of conducting such training at sea. Offering bespoke and importantly, flexible simulation solutions, ECDIS Ltd are constantly pathfinding and continue to set the standard of what is achievable in a simulator; solutions that have previously been thought of as unachievable, cost prohibitive or plain untenable are being made a reality. Consider the utility of a full mission bridge modelled on your own fleet of vessels, with the same equipment fully integrated and linked to a series of smaller simulators used to practice tug manoeuvring or counter-piracy tactics. The options and variety of training are no longer limited by technology as boundaries continue to be pushed and inventive, elegant solutions provided by a team of extremely dedicated technicians.

The desire to constantly improve doesn’t end there; complex equipment such as this needs regular and effective maintenance routines. Remote access has been utilised in the IT sector for several years and has now been tested and verified as a viable option for update and upgrade of such simulation technology. Issues can be diagnosed and resolved from many time zones away saving all-important time and ensuring training facilities remain open and fit for purpose. Where this is not enough; rapid deployment of a technician with a targeted aim is completed and problems are addressed in short order. This type of bespoke support and communication is not something found everywhere and sets ECDIS Ltd apart from competitors.

Advances will continue apace. Bridge simulators are not the boundary; this technology can be tailored to many fields and benefit many industries. Consultation with the team is free; we’d be happy to discuss simulation requirements and how we can assist in improving your training.

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Terry Skinsley
Terry SkinsleyInstructor and Project Manager