Commander Hiram A Mohammed Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard

ECDIS Limited (Fareham, UK) offers a five-day ECDIS Course, approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as meeting the requirements of the STCW ’95 Regulations, and accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the United Kingdom. As an ‘old-school’ navigator I’ve always been sceptical about the use of electronic navigation aids, opting to view them as simply reference tools.  The hassle of interpolating numbers, which gave no visual representation as to where the vessel was actually located, also made the task quite mundane.  And while impressed with the more recent and user-friendly Electronic Chart Systems, I still found them to be limiting in capability.

Having recently completed ECDIS Limited’s ECDIS Course I have adopted a different perspective and believe that ECDIS has the potential to provide suitable situational awareness, coupled with its other functionalities to assist in navigational safety and collision avoidance. ECDIS Limited’s ECDIS Course covers the legal aspects pertinent to the use of ECDIS for navigation; the different types of Charts and Electronic Chart Systems; and the data available from the system.  The majority of the program however is dedicated to practical exercises, ensuring that a proper understanding of the system’s capabilities is achieved.  Pleasant and knowledgeable course facilitators, ample and modern workstations, in comfortable surroundings allow for individualized, relevant training, in a relaxed environment.

Ultimately, I am sold on the capability of ECDIS.  And although I am in no way promoting over-reliance on ECDIS, and will still consider visual pilotage as the primary mode when maintaining a navigational watch, the capacity of ECDIS cannot be discounted.

Captain Norman Stevens Bernhard Schulte Ship Management

The course content and the knowledge of the presenters is second to none. I spent 30 years at sea, 13 years as Master, but never sailed with ECDIS thus was somewhat wary of the claims made in the introduction as the benefits of ECDIS.  However any doubts were quickly dispelled as the course progressed. The knowledge and understanding of ECDIS that I have gained and the assurance that ECDIS Ltd are on the end of a phone line should I have any questions makes me confident that I will be able to provide assistance on ECDIS matters to Masters of our managed vessels.

Chris Jones Maritime Security Operations (MAROPS) Limited, UK

The course was delivered in an engaging and professional manner by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. I was impressed by the sensible mix of presentations, practical exercises and exams that emphasised the subject matter and were challenging. I particularly liked the fact that the instructor promoted the use of traditional navigational methods to enhance the value of an ECDIS system.  It not only allowed me to utilise existing skills and transfer them to a digital system, but I now feel confident of using ECDIS to safely navigate when GPS is unavailable.  I feel that I got the most out of the ECDIS system and have learnt a huge amount over 5 days. I would recommend the course to all who are seeking comprehensive training and value for money.

Konstantinou Iraklis HSSE Coordinator, CERES LNG, Greece

It was a pleasure to have the expertise and professionalism of ECDIS Ltd in our establishment, we share their commitment to provide the best training for safe navigation at sea and they have increased the ECDIS knowledge of our Mariners to the highest standard.

Thomas Meharry, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Top – notch

Master Ruben Grepne – Takle, Royal Norwegian Navy

Norwegian NavyVery good that we can keep in contact and get help if needed. All personnel at ECDIS Ltd are very likeable and venue is a good atmosphere for learning. Very happy that the instructor took the time to talk 1-1 about Wecdis in the evenings.