Ian Caig

Very well presented, highlighting the challenges that are still to be addressed with this system and by the people that actually use it.

Richard Halfhide

Mark and Robyn’s relaxed approach fostered intelligent debating of the issues but they clearly knew the subject inside out. I did find the case studies (accidents, detentions) particularly interesting and came away with the impression that’s their still a great deal to be done to maximise the effectiveness of ECDIS as a navigation tool.

Ian Cochran

A good interaction between ECDIS Ltd and the ship operators who attended. The press were also welcomed and encouraged to join in thereby learning a lot..

Peter Jobling

I found the seminar of great benefit, both Mark Broster and Robyn Harrigan’s presentations and knowledge were excellent. Also the round table informal discussions and lessons learnt from within the maritime industry were invaluable.

Cliff Roberts

The best part of the Seminar was an insight into what is taught to the vetting inspectors. The inspectors are a regular feature of our lives onboard and having an understanding of what they are looking for is of great importance to us as we find that the more complex the questioning the more scope there is for the Office.. A good opportunity to meet similar people in similar jobs with similar issues.

Leonid Zalenski

It was very useful exchange of views and information.

Santosh Rele

Very good experience and there shall be many more seminar like this in future.

Yuta Ishihara

I’ve used only JRC ECDIS, so It was good opportunity for me to hear about the various ECDIS systems.

Yutaka Sugata

As I knew recent detentions on the Grounding using ECDIS what is the problem, I realized that what kind of instruction can be provided from company. To improve our company SMS procedure, speaker gave me some idea and information.

Razia Anwar

It was really very beneficial to develop & enhance my professional skills and I highly recommend that such type of events should be arranged by ECDIS Ltd on a regular basis which provide a good chance to be able to use the innovative new technology for the day to day needs in Marine industry.

Aisha Akhtar

The seminar was very informative because of highly experienced speakers Mark Broster & Robyn Harrigan.