Adrian Cociug

Good Facilities highly qualified staff well balanced presentations.

David Rydiard

An extremely well organised and informative day which covered into various aspects of digital navigation well. Very well balanced day.

Matt Winter

Very Interesting Presentations- Intend to make increased use of ECDIS Ltd for our marine staff.

Stella Marshall

Impressive Venue- Good, Inspiring speakers…


An Excellent day at a remarkable company.

Viven Quadros

Thankyou for a very informative day and clarifying various training issues with ECDIS

Kathleen Lamb

Excellent and informative, demonstrates new skills completed by experience. Well Done.

Vernon Stradling

Well organised and fascinating day. Thankyou

Lucy Eldridge

Well organised and informative staff, friendly and professional.

Captain Robin Plomley

Excellent day, good presentations and well presented, attentive and knowledgeable hosts, well done.

Raymond V Coleman

Thankyou for new information leading into new initiatives and global understanding

Robert Prior

Thankyou for a fascinating insight into your facility

John Corney

A most worthwhile day, changed my understanding of ECDIS and view.

Harry Cook

Brilliant day, excellent to see the company flourish

Ingrid Correc

Very interesting talks which also gave insight into issues in all areas and how they can be overcome

Andrew Deacon

A useful day with insights into the industry view on ECDIS. I really enjoyed the presentation by Richard on the MAIB view.

Dominic Cosgrove

A very thorough, indepth insight to what ECDIS Ltd and their partners do.

Melanie Colquhoun

I really enjoyed the day today and I am impressed by the professionalism and level of knowledge of the ECDIS Ltd staff and guest speakers. Thank you.