Redesigning The ECDIS Ltd Website

Improving the ECDIS website was one of the original priorities I had when I first started here back in April last year, although it soon became clear that we wanted to do a bit more than just improve the site and it was in August 2014 that we decided to fully redesign it.

We wanted to “go against the flow” of other maritime training sites, and create a clean, open, spacious site, with a modern design and a colour scheme to tie in with our corporate theme. We also created a colour scheme for the courses in the new brochure and wanted to reflect that on the site.

The website has had several changes; however the first major stage only took around a month, as the majority of the content was already there. We’ve been live with the new site now for around 4 months, although there’s been a lot added to it since the initial visual re-design in September 2014. One of the main reasons for changing the design of the website was that the previous version wasn’t compatible with expansion. The latest update to the site followed the completion of the 2015 courses, products and services brochure, which included a large range of new courses developed for the New Year.

Over the next years we plan to constantly expand the site, adding videos and mini sites all within the main ECDIS website. We are currently designing mini sites for both the Port Creation and Simulator Builds which will independently stand alone, separate from the main site, but will both follow the design and feel of our current site.

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Mike Backhouse

I am a web geek, with a love of art & design, and have been designing websites for over 10 years. With the stereotypical loves of Star Trek and other sci-fi, I also play the saxophone in my spare time, love jazz and am actively involved with my local Church.

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