Adveto ECDIS Adds Internet Connections

From the current issue of DIGITAL SHIP (Feb 8 2010).

New ECDIS Adds Internet Connection

Primar has reported that its electronic navigational charts (ENCs) can now be downloaded directly to electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) units, after type-approval of the first such system able to communicate directly via the internet.

Certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the new ECDIS-4000 from Sweden’s Adveto Advanced Technology includes an ECDIS security internet gate (ESIG), which makes it possible to connect to the internet for both on-line ordering and downloading of Primar ENCs.

The unit also features a control unit for remote selection of navigational functions, and a night-presentation capability. This solution has been developed by Adveto in close collaboration with Primar, which currently offers more than 8,000 ENCs through its international distributor network.

“Our secure Primar ECDIS Online service allows the ECDIS-4000 to receive real-time ENC updates directly from our database,” explained Primar director, Kjell Olsen.

“Following a year of development and testing work with Adveto, this advance means that users get the very latest navigational information at all times.”

“Adveto is the first of our distributors to implement this service fully and to have the ESIG type-approved as part of its ECDIS-4000 certificate.”

Adveto chief executive Kent Sylvén believes that the new system will be of great benefit to vessel operators, in reducing both the time and costs involved with chart folio maintenance.

“Once a route is planned, our ESIG hardware allows users to connect to the web and order the required Primar charts directly via the ECDIS,” said Mr Sylvén.

“This means they only buy and pay for the charts they need, and will always have the latest versions. It also cuts administration onboard and at the shipping company office.”