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Video: ECDIS Ltd’s Joe Celebrates His 50th HELM Course

Our HELM instructor Joe Sloly is celebrating his 50th HELM course here at ECDIS Ltd. Here he explains a bit about what the HELM course is and it’s importance. For more information please visit https://www.ecdis.org/helm Video produced by Samantha Hucklesby and edited by Mike Backhouse.

New Offshore Drilling Rig Scenario – ECDIS Ltd

Following on from the recent off shore wind farm scenario development ECDIS Ltd are proud to announce a new training environment created by the 3D development team. The environment is based around a large off shore drilling rig and has been created to give the instructors a new theme to base their exercises from. Jack […]

Video: ECDIS Ltd – Building a simulator complex in 7 days!

We recently installed a full bridge simulator suite in Istanbul, Turkey in just 7 days. Consisting of 2 mini sims, 1 enhanced mini sim, a full mission tug simulator and instructor station. All communicate within the same scenario, enabling extensive real-life training scenarios in a safe environment. For more information please visit http://www.nauticalsimulation.com Images and […]

Moving with the industry: Simulating Offshore Wind Farms

Our team of 3D artists have been working hard to create ECDIS Ltd’s first simulated generic wind farm environment. Based off the real life Kentish Flats wind farm near Margate the new environment will give our instructors a new area to base exercises from adding fresh ideas to their simulated scenarios…

The Importance of Continuous Professional Development

As a Navigational training academy, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key message ECDIS Ltd instructors stress to our students. We know that while students are here with us they are at the top of their game with all that knowledge fresh in their minds, exercise books in hand and instructors on call. As soon […]

Training the Simulator Trainers for the Real World

We are still Training the Trainers, this time in the simulator. From the 6.09 course this time last month, to the 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course last week, our instructor, Joe Sloly delivered the 6.10 as an ECDIS Ltd first. Whilst delivering the IMO 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course […]

ECDIS Ltd – Training The Trainers

ECDIS Ltd carried out and completed their first 6.09 Instructors ‘Train the trainer’ course at the beginning of June and since then has received the official rubber stamp of approval from the MCA. One of our ECDIS Ltd instructors, Richard Sloly (although we all call him Joe) attended the training and so can hold his 6.09 certificate up high, here he talks about his week on the course…

5 Hints and Tips on Chart Purchasing

Chart Purchasing – Start here! Choosing the right ECDIS system from the array of types and costs available often feels overwhelming, but it is only half the story. If you’re considering (or reconsidering) your current Chart Purchasing strategy, try starting with these tips…

4 Hints and Tips Towards Better Teaching Techniques

Having to deliver or even attend training courses that are by their very nature defined as ‘dry and boring’ can be fuelled by the fact that the lessons are full of statistics and definitions or where lecturers have got it horribly wrong during lesson planning. Some of the tell tale signs are:

Too many PowerPoint slides (The moment a student picks up on this it will usually drive fear and dread in to their hearts and will hinder engagement).
Over use or poorly measured colour schemes on slides
Over use of transition.
Bad PowerPoint technique and timing (Jumping in and out of slides and presentations)
Skipping slides
So, are we going to just accept that some lessons are very dry and as an instructor just plough through the lesson and get onto more interesting lessons, or, is it possible to look at maybe a different approach to the delivery? When I say different approach, I am really talking about engagement with students. Standing at the front of a course and regurgitating stuff from a folder, book or tablet can be counter-productive. Some lessons will be dry and boring, but by approaching this kind of lesson differently, it is possible to embrace these lessons and get as much out of them as possible from more interactive ones.

Here’s how…

The Future of Marine Simulation

For many years the aviation community has embraced simulator-based training as an integral part of teaching syllabi; not as a replacement for time in a real aircraft but to augment and consolidate theory, practice procedures and to push students’ capacity to a degree perhaps not possible in a real aircraft due to the risk inherent […]

Development and creation of the 2015 ECDIS Ltd Brochure

2015 has seen major changes for ECDIS ltd, with a significant increase in new courses and additional products & services added to our portfolio; including vessel creation and auditing. As such, our prospectus was in need of a major redesign. Amy Shelton, our Head of Marketing was tasked with this massive undertaking… When I initially […]

Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital Widescreen

ECDIS Ltd provides Kelvin Hughes MantaDigitalTM Widescreen on board familiarisation   UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their new on-board familiarisation course for Kelvin Hughes’ MantaDigital™ Widescreen software. Kelvin Hughes’ newest ECDIS software has been on the market since 2012 and ECDIS Ltd has now […]

ECDIS Ltd Type Specific and Generic ECDIS Training Combined

PRESS RELEASE 20 February 2013 ECDIS Ltd Type Specific and Generic ECDIS Training Combined UK based navigation training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd have delivered ECDIS Type Specific and on-board familiarisation training to hundreds of students. The company is now able to offer Nautical Institute approved Type Specific Certificates to students on completion of their […]

ECDIS Ltd Install VSTEP NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge Simulator

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce their unveiling of a VSTEP NAUTIS full mission bridge simulator with a 315° viewing capability. It is to primarily be used for Bridge Team training but has been fitted with 4 different ECDIS systems all integrated with the NAUTIS software. The Simulator […]

ECDIS Ltd included in MCA Training Provider List

The sad consequences of the grounding of ships have been all too commonly seen on television screens world-wide. Ships such as TORREY CANYON, EXXON VALDEZ and COSTA CONCORDIA have become household names in recent years, and the consequences for the environment, the loss of lives, ships and cargoes, together with the costs to insurance companies, […]

ECDIS Ltd Broaden Partnership with Kelvin Hughes

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd have signed a new agreement with Kelvin Hughes to take ECDIS Ltd MantaDigital training worldwide. The new agreement now provides access for Kelvin Hughes distributers worldwide to book Generic and Type Specific ECDIS courses directly with ECDIS Ltd for training on Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ software. The […]

Complimentary Manual with ECDIS Courses

Complimentary Manual with ECDIS Courses A complimentary ECDIS Manual that retails at £350 + VAT is being offered to all attendees on any MCA approved IMO 1.27 Model ECDIS Course delivered by ECDIS Ltd, on all dates in August and November 2012. The ECDIS Manual written by Peter Thornton MBE is published by Witherby Seamanship. […]

ECDIS Ltd Train Condor Ferries Crews

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd have completed delivery of ECDIS training to Condor Ferries crews. The training consisted of delivery of Generic 5 day ECDIS courses and included provision of type specific training for the equipment they have fitted onboard their vessels[…]

Publication of ‘ECDIS Procedures Guide’

The procedures contained in the ‘ECDIS Procedures Guide’ are recommendations, designed to accompany a ship’s safety management system (SMS), regarding the use of ECDIS for navigation for voyage planning and while at sea. When asked how the Guide came to be written, Mal Instone, Director at ECDIS Ltd and author of the ‘ECDIS Procedures Guide’ explained that:

“Many of the ship owners who were early adopters of ECDIS approached ECDIS Ltd directly, requesting our assistance to help them develop and implement robust operating procedures for use onboard their ships and appropriate to the make of ECDIS in use”[…]

ECDIS Ltd Partner with JRC

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with leading manufacturer Japan Radio Company (JRC). As a training partner ECDIS Ltd will deliver MCA and DNV approved Generic and Nautical Institute accredited Type Specific (Equipment Specific) training on JRC ECDIS software. Delivery of courses on JRC ECDIS has begun and ECDIS Ltd has successfully delivered JRC training on several continents already[…]

ECDIS Ltd Open New State of the Art Training Facility

PRESS RELEASE: UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce the opening of their new purpose built state of the art training facility near Southampton in the UK. The larger facility means that ECDIS Ltd has the ability to provide […]

ECDIS Ltd Install SIMRAD ECDIS in the e-Navigation Centre

PRESS RELEASE 11 July 2011 ECDIS Ltd Install SIMRAD ECDIS in the e-Navigation Centre UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a new agreement with leading manufacturer Simrad, to provide flag-state approved training on Simrad’s CS68 ECDIS software.  The agreement has seen the installation of a […]

Totem Plus Partner ECDIS Ltd

Press release: New agreement between Totem Plus and ECDIS Ltd. Totem Plus has joined other major ECDIS manufacturers and has agreed to partner ECDIS LTD.  This will enable training to be conducted on its TOTEM ECDIS in ECDIS LTD’s new e-Navigation Centre in Southampton, UK. The training will be based on ECDIS LTD’s flagship MCA […]

ECDIS Training for Pilots

Marine navigation is currently experiencing its greatest reform since the introduction of radio communications and the development of radar – some argue even as big as the transition from sail to steam. The change is affecting everyone from deck officers to chart agents, fleet superintendents to inspecting officers and crewing managers to pilots.   In […]

WECDIS: How Will Your Navy Make The Transition?

Introduction The emergence of new technology in the field of warfare has seen most facets of naval operations computerised or digitised in the quest to build, display and manipulate the Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP) to our advantage.  It is therefore surprising that many military fleets are still navigating using paper charts, as the advantages and […]

ECDIS Risk Mitigation

Remarkably, even though ECDIS has been accepted as a replacement for paper charts since 2002 and despite the resounding benefits of ECDIS navigation, in safety, time and cost, it is believed that only 5000 ships worldwide have an ECDIS fitted so far. So why is that? Cost, confidence or capability? Well, we all know cost […]

ECDIS Ltd offer discount on STCW and ECDIS courses

10% off MCA approved STCW courses for RIN members ECDIS Ltd, based in Whiteley in Hampshire, are a Business Member of the RIN. Until 30 June 2011,they are pleased to offer a 10% discount on their MCA-approved STCW generic and bespoke ECDIS courses to all RIN members. For further information please contact 01489 559677 or […]

Flag State Clarifies ECDIS Training Requirements

The MCA have issued a new Marine Information Note (MIN405 (M+F)) that clarifies what training is acceptable for Masters and all Deck Officers of UK flagged vessels which have ECDIS as their primary means of navigation. The document states categorically the requirement to complete both generic and equipment specific ECDIS training and goes further by […]

Free ECDIS Regulations Website www.ECDISRegs.com Launched

A new ECDIS website www.ECDISRegs.com has been launched in association with ECDIS Ltd. The new website provides ECDIS related references, news and articles for the mariner to make current legislation clearer and easier to understand. The website has been created with help and support from international sources and in conjunction with ECDIS training company, ECDIS […]

ECDIS Ltd Install PC Maritime ECDIS in the e-Navigation Centre

ECDIS Ltd have installed Navmaster ECDIS in their e-Navigation centre. The system, built by Plymouth based PC Maritime, will be used to deliver generic IMO 1.27 and Type Specific ECDIS training. The installation of the equipment not only serves to enhance ECDIS training by providing visibility of various different systems currently in use at sea, […]

Chairman's Summary of 1st ECDIS Revolution Conference

by Mike Pearsall, Business Development Manager, ECDIS Ltd Below is a summary of points made by the chairman, Philip Wake, at the end of the 1st ECDIS Revolution Conference (24-25th November 2010).  Every effort has been made to quote the speaker accurately and amplifying remarks by this author are included in brackets. Conclusions Generic training […]

ECDIS Ltd’s Foray into Warfare ECDIS Training Heralds New Website

Global ECDIS training and solutions provider, ECDIS Ltd (www.ecdis.org), have today announced that they are diversifying into the Warfare ECDIS (WECDIS) market, following a number of high-profile contracts with international naval forces in the past twelve months. The DMOP table and OSI WECDIS suite in the e-Navigation centre Mike Pearsall, ECDIS Ltd’s Business Development Manager […]

ECDIS Ltd’s e-Navigation Centre Gets 6 New ECDIS Systems

ECDIS Ltd have taken delivery of six ECPINS® terminals, which have been installed in their e-Navigation Centre. The WECDIS systems are made by Offshore Systems Ltd. (OSL), an OSI Geospatial Company, and will be used to deliver both generic IMO 1.27 ECDIS training and ECDIS Ltd’s 5 day WECDIS course. Mark Broster, Managing Director of […]

ECDIS Problems Looming (Tanker Operator)

A warning has been given about the diverse number of ECDIS on the market ahead of mandation of training certificates coming into force by the middle of next year. Following the STCW amendments recently agreed at the Manila meeting, there will be a vast amount of navigating officers queuing up at training facilities to gain […]

Todd Continues Journey Into ECDIS With New Training Partnership

Northern Ireland-based marine navigation data and service provider Todd (formerly Todd Chart Agency) has announced its partnership with one of the world’s top ECDIS training providers in a move that will see the company increase its ECDIS offering and continue to position itself as a world-leading navigation data specialist. Todd is working with Southampton-based specialist ECDIS training […]

ECDIS Ltd Expands into WECDIS Market

ECDIS Ltd have delivered a 5 day WECDIS course on OSI ECPINS-W systems to the Brazilian Navy in what is hoped to be the start of further cooperation between the two organisations. The ECDIS Ltd WECDIS course is the full 5 day IMO 1.27 ECDIS course, but also includes use of additional warfare functionality to demonstrate tactical use […]

ECDIS Ltd Delivers ECDIS Training to the Singapore Navy

ECDIS Ltd have delivered an ECDIS Quality Control course to the Singapore Navy in what is hoped to be the start of further cooperation between the two organisations.  The ECDIS Ltd Quality Control course is designed for advanced and experienced users of ECDIS who are now in a position of quality controlling the standards of […]

ECDIS Ltd Present to the Nautical Institute

ECDIS Ltd presented to the Nautical Institute covering the past, present and future of ECDIS and ECS. Given at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club to members of the NI, RIN and attended by representatives from the UKHO and MCA. Read the informative article that appeared in Seaways.