Training the Simulator Trainers for the Real World

We are still Training the Trainers, this time in the simulator.

From the 6.09 course this time last month, to the 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course last week, our instructor, Joe Sloly delivered the 6.10 as an ECDIS Ltd first.

Whilst delivering the IMO 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course the main thing I am taking away is the how complex building lessons/courses that meet with the STCW competency based principle of training can be. Having gone through the process in granularity with my students it also identified to them very early on why it is important to get this process right at the beginning of any Technology Based Training and the pit falls if you don’t.

Lecturers here in the UK and overseas I feel would benefit from attending this competency based training package. This would help breed out bad habits and replace them with effective skills helping us all in delivering cost effective and dynamic training programmes to our industry.

I welcome this opportunity having successfully completed both the IMO 6.09 and now the IMO 6.10 course to be able to deliver the courses myself to students in the coming weeks and months and play my part in making our industry an even safer industry to work for.



Richard "Joe" Sloly

Delivered lectures and instruction to a wide range of students from company CEO’s to deck hands since 1996.

Courses Joe currently delivers at ECDIS Ltd:

  • HELM
  • Training Course for Instructor
  • Simulation Instructor Course
Richard "Joe" SlolyInstructor