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ECDIS Ltd carried out and completed their first 6.09 Instructors ‘Train the trainer’ course at the beginning of June and since then has received the official rubber stamp of approval from the MCA. One of our ECDIS Ltd instructors, Richard Sloly (although we all call him Joe) attended the training and so can hold his 6.09 certificate up high, here he talks about his week on the course.

Having uploaded a blog several weeks ago about teaching tips for instructors based around a number of years of experience, I enrolled on the new IMO 6.09 Training Course for Instructor to further advance my skills and was pleasantly surprised by how much I learnt.  I thought that I had a well honed lesson construction and delivery style going on.  Having successfully completed the course, I learnt very valuable lessons that I will bring to bear whilst delivering the HELM (M) and (O) courses as well as ALL other lecturing opportunities.

I think that one of the main things that I am taking away is the how complex building lessons/courses that meet with the STCW competency based principle of training can be.  Having gone through the process in granularity and seen my lesson plan evolve, it identified to me why it is important to get this process right at the beginning in order that continuity of lesson delivery is not lost or diluted between different instructors that deliver the same package of training.  I liked the idea behind conducting meaning full `Energisers and Icebreakers`.  To me these used to be things that were very pink and fluffy and carried no real importance… how wrong I was.  This is something that I will utilise more during my course delivery from this point on as I saw firsthand how these exercises add value to the whole teaching and learning experience.

Lecturers both here in the UK and overseas I feel would benefit from attending this competency based training package.  This would breed out bad habits and replace them with effective skills helping us all in delivering cost effective and dynamic training programmes to our industry.  No matter how much the IMO comes out with new course and the accrediting bodies police them, we as instructors are in fact `The Guardian of the Standards` and we have a duty, no, a real opportunity here to play our part and provide properly trained mariners to the coal face.”

I welcome this opportunity; having successfully completed the IMO 6.09 course to be able to deliver the course myself to students in the coming weeks and months.


For more information on our MCA Approved 6.09 Instructor Training Course (Theory)


Richard "Joe" Sloly

Delivered lectures and instruction to a wide range of students from company CEO’s to deck hands since 1996.

Courses Joe currently delivers at ECDIS Ltd:

  • HELM
  • Training Course for Instructor
  • Simulation Instructor Course
Richard "Joe" SlolyInstructor