ECDIS Ltd. and Robert Allan Ltd. work together on tug simulation project

ECDIS Ltd and Robert Allan Ltd team up to create simulated ship models.

When ECDIS Ltd were approached by a training organisation to create accurate 3D representations of two real life Robert Allan tug boats the first thought was to get the tug designers involved.  The first stage to any modelling project is reference gathering and by working with the good people at Robert Allan Ltd we were able to gather all the necessary information we needed to accurately create the vessels.RAstar3900_Render_6

Once all the reference had been obtained it’s onto the 3D canvas, ECDIS Ltd use Autodesk 3DS Max modelling tool (used by top industry professionals from the video games and films industries) to create all their 3D models.

After around 1 – 2 weeks of modelling and texturing the finished model is ready to be integrated into the simulation software along with all the hydrodynamic data supplied directly from the source, Robert Allan Ltd.TS2000_Render_6

The finished article is ready to be used in a wide variety of tug boat training scenarios, everything from ship handling and manoeuvring to push and pull exercises.

Jack Osborn, Lead 3D Artist “It was a big task to accept, with a lot of responsibility to get this right. The look and feel of a simulated vessel is what ultimately makes the student take the simulation seriously so we had to insure the vessels looked and felt as real to life as possible and who better to help us than the real tug designers. None of the work could have been completed without all the help and generosity from the people at Robert Allan Ltd and on behalf of ECDIS Ltd I would like to thank them for all their help.”

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