New Offshore Drilling Rig Scenario – ECDIS Ltd

Following on from the recent off shore wind farm scenario development ECDIS Ltd are proud to announce a new training environment created by the 3D development team. The environment is based around a large off shore drilling rig and has been created to give the instructors a new theme to base their exercises from.


Jack Osborn the Lead 3D Artist at ECDIS Ltd – “We had a big brain storming session after the off shore wind farm project and we asked ourselves what other environments could we create that would give our instructors something new to base their exercises around. This new off shore drilling rig environment all be it similar to the off shore wind farm environment will give our instructors a completely new set of ideas to base their exercises from and base their learning objectives around.”


Nick Harding Lead Instructor at ECDIS Ltd – “Having an off shore drilling rig environment gives us teachers many new possibilities to think about when designing exercises for the students to be put through. I think the first exercise I will be looking to create will be an exciting accident and emergency scenario filled with drama and unexpected events to keep the students on their toes.”

Live Excercise 1

The environment has been designed for use in BTM, BRM and even some passage plan exercises for our other courses. ECDIS Ltd trains many oil and gas crews from around the world and it is hoped that this new environment will help make simulation training more relevant and relatable to their work. If you have a need for training in a specific area or scenario then please do get in touch to see how ECDIS Ltd could help you.

Live Excercise 6


Jack Osborn

Jack Osborn

Lead Environment Artist