The Importance of Continuous Professional Development

As a Navigational training academy, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key message ECDIS Ltd instructors stress to our students. We know that while students are here with us they are at the top of their game with all that knowledge fresh in their minds, exercise books in hand and instructors on call.

As soon as they leave us at the end of the week, if not used, practised and developed that knowledge dwindles. Sometimes instructors can see that new familiarity growing smaller in the students’ eyes as Friday afternoon carries on. CPD is an essential part to any seafarer’s professional career, and many may be carrying out CPD naturally. However CPD is recommended to be formalised in one way or another.

ECDIS training is something that needs to be continually refreshed. People can often use the same common skills they need and forget the full capability of the ECDIS and also themselves. As it is a practical skill; practise and familiarisation with the ECDIS is essential to keep competency levels high.  But without an instructor on hand setting exercises it can be difficult to know what to do.

A specific ECDIS CPD log equipped with theory, practical exercises, questions and answers is a handy way to keep on top of – and prove – your CPD. Complete the sections in groups and learn from each other or tackle them and test yourself.

In this quickly developing, forever changing and relatively new field of expertise, years of experience can count for nothing; particularly if that person can only demonstrate one repetitive skill exceptionally well.

Not all ships can guarantee or even provide internet access, and so old fashioned means should be relied on. An ECDIS CPD log is a neat, organised and useful means of maximising retention of knowledge with a filofax feel. Leather bound and purpose built to keep everything together.

Samantha Hucklesby
Samantha HucklesbyHead of Marketing