ECDIS Ltd gain Nautical Institute accreditation for Type Specific ECDIS training

19 April 2011

ECDIS Ltd have successfully gained accreditation from the Nautical Institute for their Type Specific ECDIS training course. The Type Specific accreditation is the first of its kind in the world and is available now on a number of different ECDIS systems including OSI, PC Maritime, Transas and Kelvin Hughes with JRC, Simrad and Totem Plus coming soon. Courses developed around the remaining leading ECDIS systems are planned in the near future.

ECDIS Ltd training courses prepare the Mariner to use ECDIS systems to navigate safely, ultimately helping to reduce ECDIS related incidents and loss of life at sea. The Type Specific course is one day (8 hours) and includes presentations and practical exercises to ensure the trainee gets comprehensive training in the subject matter whilst building upon knowledge gained during an IMO 1.27 model course.

Experienced ECDIS navigators delivering Type Specific training on various systems

Mark Broster, Managing Director of ECDIS Ltd says,

“We have responded to those mariners asking for more flexible and diverse ECDIS training by providing both STCW 1.27 Generic, and Type Specific training, as required by Flag and ISM respectively. ECDIS Ltd is unique in its ability to deliver both certificates, every day of every week, anywhere in the world. It takes time for our experts to develop each type approved course, but with such courses now being delivered by ECDIS Ltd, companies can plan for their necessary certification.”

John Dickinson, the Nautical Institute’s Head of Delegation @ IMO, adds,

“The type specific ECDIS training offered by ECDIS Ltd has now been accredited by the Nautical Institute (NI) who are satisfied that the training meets the high standards that are set out in the NI publication ‘ECDIS & Positioning’. We acknowledge the continual research and development of ECDIS Ltd into creating robust and comprehensive ECDIS training courses. Working with the leading manufacturers allows them to provide the training solutions required.”

Mal Instone, Director of Operations & Standards, adds,

“ECDIS systems offer numerous benefits compared to conventional navigation and are considered to be a significant step towards safer navigation. Experience and investigations show that many mariners are not sufficiently familiar with the basics and proper use of ECDIS. Therefore, proper training and education for watchkeepers and navigators are vital if the safety benefits of ECDIS are to be realised. Knowing how to make proper use of electronic chart systems is fundamental to safe navigation, and this new course highlights our commitment to further that premise.


ECDIS Ltd provide navigation training, purchasing, charting and consultation in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and the military equivalent (WECDIS, ECDIS-N). They specialise in providing Flag State approved IMO model ECDIS courses to be taught on any IMO accredited ECDIS. Static training is delivered in their Southampton Training Centre and portable training can be conducted in a location of the customer’s choosing, even onboard if facilities can support it. ECDIS Ltd trainers are highly experienced in the practical use of ECDIS, and combined have taught over 1000 mariners. Their static ECDIS training is endorsed and accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, whilst their portable training solution is approved by Det Norske Veritas.

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