Complimentary Manual with ECDIS Courses

Complimentary Manual with ECDIS Courses

A complimentary ECDIS Manual that retails at £350 + VAT is being offered to all attendees on any MCA approved IMO 1.27 Model ECDIS Course delivered by ECDIS Ltd, on all dates in August and November 2012. The ECDIS Manual written by Peter Thornton MBE is published by Witherby Seamanship. The course cost is still only £695 (+VAT) making this excellent value for money whilst stocks last.

The ECDIS Manual talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of ECDIS including case studies on ECDIS related incidents and sharing best practices. The ECDIS Manual also includes a volume dedicated to ECDIS references and a copy of all the symbols used in the S-52 presentation library allowing the mariner to obtain more information about charted symbols without having to access the internet or move the screen away from the current position. The ECDIS Manual is an excellent accompaniment to the IMO 1.27 Model Course.


Joe Sloly, Customer Development Manager, says,

“It is nice to be able to give something to the customer that is going to benefit everyone onboard ship and not just those who come through ECDIS Ltd’s doors. When problems arise on ship they can initially turn to the ECDIS Manual to seek generic advice followed by contacting one of our Trainers for more in depth advice as part of our ongoing customer support that is offered to every student we train.”

Mark Broster of ECDIS Ltd adds,

“We are very proud to offer our MCA courses, and every student goes away not only much more aware of the good and the bad of ECDIS, but also with an excellent book which we hope will go a long way in helping to increase the standard of electronic navigation world-wide – which is the aim for all of us in the ECDIS industry.”

The ECDIS Manual

The ECDIS Manual is available for purchase from Witherby Seamanship at and at all good maritime chart and book stockists.

Written by:       ECDIS Ltd
Published by: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd

ISBN 978-1-85609-507-5
Book £350 +VAT

eBook £350     (eBook excludes any applicable taxes)

The ‘ECDIS Procedures Guide’ is available from Witherby Seamanship at and at all good maritime chart and book stockists.

Written by:       ECDIS Ltd
Published by: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd
ISBN 978-1-85609-535-8
Book £75 + VAT

eBook £75       (eBook excludes any applicable taxes)


ECDIS Ltd provide navigation training, purchasing, charting and consultation in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and the military equivalent (WECDIS, ECDIS-N). A forward thinking company, they have pioneered the embodiment of ECDIS in SMS procedures with the ECDIS Procedures Guide and have paved the way for a better understanding of ECDIS with the ECDIS Manual. ECDIS Ltd specialise in providing Flag State approved IMO model ECDIS courses and Equipment Specific training on an extensive number of systems.  Static training is delivered in their state of the art Training Centre near Southampton (UK) and portable training can be conducted in a location of the customer’s choosing, even onboard if facilities can support it.  ECDIS Ltd trainers are highly experienced in the practical use of ECDIS, and combined have taught over 1500 mariners.  Their static ECDIS training is endorsed and accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, whilst their portable training solution is approved by Det Norske Veritas. Equipment Specific training is accredited by the Nautical Institute.



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