Adveto's New ECDIS 4000




Thursday, 28 January 2010

ADVETO´s new ECDIS-4000 with unique functionalities certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

DNV has certified that Adveto´s new ECDIS-4000 complies with all relevant regulations and standards for use onboard SOLAS vessels and High Speed Crafts.

ECDIS-4000 comes in three versions to give different users the most cost effective solution in relation to their needs.

In addition to all the mandatory hard- and software functionalities and features the ECDIS-4000 certificate also covers a number of unique features such as:

– ECDIS Security Internet Gate (ESIG) allowing the ECDIS to be connected to internet for both online ordering and download of charts from PRIMAR.
– Control Unit for remote quick, safe and easy selection of navigation functions
– A special Night Presentation developed in close collaboration with Norwegian High Speed Craft operators.

“With the type approval we have once again proven to be first in the world with special customer required functionalities in our systems” says Mr. Kent Sylvén, Managing Director of ADVETO. “The ESIG hardware allows the ECDIS-4000 to be connected to the internet and, after having planned the route, easily order the needed PRIMAR charts directly from the ECDIS and receive them shortly thereafter. With this tool you buy and pay only for the charts you need and you will always have the latest versions. It also reduces administrative work onboard and with the ship-owners.”

“The secure PRIMAR ECDIS Online™ service allows its ECDIS to receive real-time ENC updates directly from the PRIMAR database and thereby have the very latest navigational data at all times.” says Mr Kjell Olsen, Director of PRIMAR. “This solution has been developed and fully tested over the past year in close cooperation with Swedish ECDIS manufacturer Adveto, the first PRIMAR distributor to implement it fully and to have the Security Internet Gate (ESIG) type approved as part of its ECDIS-4000 certificate.”

“The Control Unit,” says Mr. Sylvén “can be mounted on the armrest of a bridge chair and used for remote quick, safe and easy selection of navigation functions. A tool that has been highly appreciated especially by the High Speed Craft operators.”

“The special Night Presentation was developed on a direct request from the Norwegian Fast Ferry operators to eliminate the risk for blinding the bridge crew during night navigation.” says Mr. Sylvén.

He summarizes “I’m convinced that with those and many more features in our new ECDIS-4000 we stand a good chance to be a preferred supplier of type approved ECDIS to the shipping industry.”

ADVETO Advanced Technology AB has been in the Electronic Navigation branch since the mid 1980´s. Adveto systems are used all across the world in and around all continents by work boats, tow boats, ferries and ocean-crossing cruise-liners, pilot boats, and training ships. They have become increasingly popular onboard High Speed Crafts and especially with those operating in archipelagos. The majority of our users are still found in Scandinavia but with a rapidly growing number of users around the world. In addition to the National Maritime Administrations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the corresponding bodies in Poland, Spain and Argentina are also ADVETO users and so are customers in many important harbours around the world.

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The PRIMAR ENC service is operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service through a regional ENC coordinator centre (RENC) regime and distributor agreements with countries and ENC
suppliers. Currently offering more than 8 000 ENCs, it works with an international network of authorised distributors. Regular updates are provided by standard CDs, the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue, PRIMAR Online remote updating and PRIMAR ECDIS Online™. ENCs from PRIMAR meet IMO SOLAS chart carriage requirements when kept uptodate and used in conjunction with a type-approved electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) plus appropriate backup.

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