Ben Pogson

It has been a great week and I have learnt a wealth of information to which I will apply in the work place. – ECDIS Generic Course.

David Stacey

Well run and very professional from start to finish . – ECDIS Generic course

Christopher Spurling

I found my time with ECDIS limited to be a valuable addition to my professional development. – ECDIS Generic course

Ben Harris

The best course delivered to date, in probably the most equipped set up possible. – ECDIS Generic course


Joshua Tonkin

Great experience with a very well equipped training area. Great instructors – ECDIS Generic course


Mitchell Pomfret

From walking in the environment is simply breathtaking, very relaxed with extremely friendly and knowledgable staff!

James Burdett

Ecdis Ltd provide an enjoyable course which enables you to come away with a far better understanding on Edcis in comfortable surroundings

Sam Henry

Jonathon is very experienced in the system and could answer all of the questions raised.

Guy draper

Jonathan was very knowledgeable and could always bring things down to Laymans terms!

Matthew Brash

Getting the time on equipment and having someone to answer questions as they arose. I learnt most on the exercises. I can’t imagine any other ECDIS training establishment would be able to match what was provided this week. A*

Kyle Newton

I thought the overall experience was outstanding, even though you guys were going through your office move, you were able
to maintain a pleasant and very high level of education in this subject, I feel confident in my ability now and will recommend to
my fellow colleagues.

Derek Flanagan

Excellent experience with very knowledgeable instructors in a very friendly easy going but productive environment

Scott Mason

Was a great week and all the staff were extremely friendly

Alwyn Engelbrecht

I have enjoyed my learning and will be walking away with valuable knowledge on the operation of ECDIS.

Tom Screen

A good service, I am happy I completed this course and will take a lot away with me.

Alan Young

Good time instructor was good along with the sweets and coffee!

Nigel James

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely informative. Thankyou.

Nathan Mills

A very good course in an extremely well run company.

Daniel Simpson

An excellent course, informative and interesting. Thoroughly recommended.


Mickael Mauve

All good. Will 100% recommend to anyone.


Nick Willis

Both instructors super knowledgeable. Fully recommend to others.


Johanna Stueven

Excellent instructor, very well organized and equipped facility!


Matthew Webber

Establishment is very professional with a clear identity – enjoyed thoroughly.


Streven Hunter

Very knowledgeable instructor who kept the class engaged through a 5 day course.


Hans Volcker

Great facilities. Bridge simulation run’s were very beneficial.


Giovanni B. Biasutti

Excellent facility, very good instructors, very good mix of experience within the students.


Charles O’Donnell

Excellent facility providing a very high level service.


David Greenwood

Professional environment in a relaxed learning way


Jamie Field

Excellent institution  and impressive equipment.


George Gillingham

The equipment and facilities here are amazing, lots of different systems to use and all very well kept.


Gary Parker

Brilliant, glad I chose here, will be back.


Tommy Meechan

Really enjoyed the course and the friendly approach from all the staff at the facility.


Martin Opara


Instructors were friendly and I felt at home throughout.

Paul Simmonds

A very enjoyable experience, always interesting to meet people from different sectors of the industry.


David Jones

Very enjoyable and informative.


Sam Eglinton

The course was very informative and I feel that i have gained a wealth of knowledge and are far more prepared to use an
ECDIS machine now i have partaken in the course. the knowledge of the system by the instructor was phenomenal.

Martin Swatman

Excellent and very passionate training.


Mark McGregor

One of the better courses I have attended. the information received and hands on experience with the simulators is second to

none and all is relevant to day to day operations on board. Great course and great establishment.


John Graham

I have thoroughly enjoyed my course, learnt a lot and have nothing but respect for the professionalism shown by all the Instructors.


Christopher Keen

Great teaching in a nice environment.


Alex Garner

Very well equipped and very knowledgeable instructors. A great course, I would definitely recommend.

Jason Truman

Excellent facilities and instructors.


Phillip Robertson

I enjoyed the course fully and everyone was helpful and positive at ECDIS ltd. I have gained a lot of infomation and experience here.


Chaminda Tennekoon

Excellent knowledge on ECDIS given to us by very attentive instructors at this great institute.


Chris Dodds

A great learning experience . Good balance all round. Facilities and the overall attention to detail are excellent.

Jeremy Reed

Great people, facility and equipment.


Incredible set up, many different operating systems available and covered in the course. The instructors all have a wealth of hands on experience. If I can find an excuse for another course here, I will definitely come back.

Paul Turner

A fantastic learning experience conducted within a professional and friendly training facility.

Richard Callaghan

Good course, learnt a lot, feel happier using ECDIS systems in general.