Stefan Berry

Great time, and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Professional course with great content..- HELM Management Video Conference Course

Robin Page

Very efficient, well organised and very impressed with the communication. 10/10 all round.- HELM Management Video Conference Course

Max Morgan

An engaging and educational course,  opens up possibilities of improvement of everyday life not just the workplace. – HELM Management Video Conference Course

Christopher Ward

A good training environment and instructors. I will return for other courses on offer.

William Mann

Interesting Looking At The Case Studies. Thoroughly Enjoyed It, Would Come Back For A Course In The Future

Daniel Spafford

A very well run operation from the booking process to the course completion, using great facilities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dean Henrique Alexandre

Great course, establishment, instructors and location.

William Harkness

Very enjoyable, very professional and I will be recommending to other colleagues


Thomas Barkla

Top notch. Coming out with a better understanding of my own human behaviour.


Anthony Carragher

Really enjoy coming to do training at ECDIS. Great environment for training and learning.


Eddie Poole

Great facilities that back up the Instructors. Very happy to have done my HELM O course, I’m sure to be back for my HELM M.


Matthew Elliott

Excellent facilities with great and engaging instruction.


Kyle Orr

The course that Joe did really opened my eyes to HELM!


Philip Ryder

Really enjoyed being in a friendly relaxed environment to learn. Would definitely come back for future courses and recommend to others.


Etienne Psaila

The facilities are great , very professional from taking the booking all the way to the end of the course. Joe the Instructor was great , really knows his stuff and he managed to keep me interested throughout the full 3 days of the course .


Alice Duncan

I have enjoyed the course. It is a subject which can sometimes be a bit boring, however I have felt interested and engaged

throughout. The facilities are excellent.


Evan Macgregor

Good environment, knowledgeable instructors and good location.


Pedro Moller

Doing the ECDIS and the HELM O courses with ECDIS Ltd was a great experience.


Matthew Seymur

Great place, great team and a productive learning environment.

Ryan Hawkins

All very good and a professional team and set up. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ECDIS LTD and learnt a great deal in my
time here.

James Morbey

I enjoyed my time at ECDIS Ltd and gained a lot of value through professionalism and approaches of all involved.

Luke Target

Very helpful, Knowledgeable and experienced instructors. which I found learning a huge amount of awareness skills which
you wouldn’t otherwise experience or learn about yourself as to how you react if it were a real life situation.

Andrew King

Very much enjoyable course delivered by a knowledgeable tutor.

Lee Stevenson

I came into this course sceptical but was kept engaged through the whole week due to interesting delivery on the subject.
Case study driven learning seems a very good way to deliver this.

Darren Walker

Enjoyed the course, enjoyed the facilities and would come back again.

Martin Easton

Thank you ECDIS, Everyone at the facility was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Courses are well throughout and
presented. Great amount of equipment to use.

Darren Haxell

Has opened my eyes to the way I approach things and I hope now I can put some of this into good use.

Rudi van Velzen

Great time on the HELM course very informative in all areas of onboard ships procedures as well as general interpersonal
relationships. Recommend this course for anyone in a leadership role or aspiring to move into one.

Christophe Filippi

It really worth the money I spent for that course. I learned about the concepts, the facts and myself.

Andrew Graham

My second time attending courses at ECDIS. I thoroughly enjoyed it and rate the quality of education as very high.

Mekarand Thekur

Good insight into the equipment & ability to handle basic stuff. Will have better understanding/ evaluation of bridge team capabilities to handle ECDIS.

Wali Chowdhery

Very useful course, it gives good ideas about how to check if crew familiar, effectively operate in ECDIS.

It helps to get practical operating experience on ECDIS.


Jai Katkoria

‘ECDIS Ltd offers a professional, prepared and exemplary set of courses through friendly, knowledgeable and engaging staff.I hope the business expands greatly in order to sit more courses here in the future’

Paul Belugou

I had a good time, lovely countryside, helpful skilled tutors, lots of sweets and coffee extremely welcoming and comfortable all wrapped up with better price for combo course

Jad Robson

‘Amazing staff some of the nicest i have ever met and i have done plenty of these courses service with a smile and cuppcakes, 10/10 very welcoming facility great technology near by is great accommodation, nice cafes ect’

Jacob Hall

Very satisfied. Positive experience. Would highly recommend for all courses offered.

Geraldine O’Sullivan

Really enjoyable time with like minded instructors that are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matters.

Jacob Hall

Very satisfied.  Positive experience.  Would highly recommend for all courses offered.

Andrew Graham

‘ Enjoyed my time here very much, great facilities and friendly staff. ‘

Timothy Nattrass – Taylor

‘ An enjoyable week, lovely staff with loads of knowledge and transferable skills to pass on. I am walking away with better knowledge of my own management skills. ‘

Jason Walker

‘ Enjoyable, accommodating and professional. Great facilities. New modern and a great learning environment! Joe Was a fantastic instructor as was all the instructing staff I had contact with throughout the week. ‘

David Shave

‘ My time here has been very informative and enjoyable. The instructor seemed very prepared and I couldn’t praise him enough, he did a great job. The presentation and slides were the best part of the course, obviously a lot of thought had gone into it. ‘