Marcin Toporek

nice atmosphere, well equipped, competent personnel.


Dani Sabalja

Good course with very useful information. Excellent equipment centre.

Syed Ahsan

Extremely interesting course. The instructors energetic explanation was enjoyed greatly.

Tajul I. Bhuiyan

The course was very useful

Mekarand Thekur

Good insight into the equipment & ability to handle basic stuff. Will have better understanding/ evaluation of bridge team capabilities to handle ECDIS.

Wali Chowdhery

Very useful course, it gives good ideas about how to check if crew familiar, effectively operate in ECDIS.

It helps to get practical operating experience on ECDIS.


Naval Aranke

” Very well laid out and conducted course. Got a good grasp of the subject matter. Increased confidence level of doing an independent audit on any system.  “

Jonathan Heath

” Great course provided by professional instructors, to a very high standard! “

Oscar Rodriguet

“It was an excellent course. It should be mandatery for inspectors around the world. High knowledge of instructors””

Syed Akhtar

“The instructors were very professional and I learnt a lot about ECDIS and now feel very comfortable giving onboard audits. They both had the knowledge and know how to extend that to us”

Rajnish Kelkar

“The Instructors conducted a very intresting and informative ECDIS training course”

Steve Bergetion

“Very thourough indoctrinations of ECDIS. Presentations were efficient and instresting”

Ivor Coutinho

“I found the course material and presentation very good and informative”

Lloyd Mendosa

“The ECDIS inspectors persentation was excellent and the presenters had a world of knowledage to share. I have learnt a lot and am sure my attendance has garenteed a great benefit to my knowledge of the ECDIS”

Edward Pfaeffle

“Excellent 1.5 Days. Perfect course to enable inspectors to assess a vessel’s compentency in the use of ECDIS. The Instructors were fantastic”

Andrew Dzielak

“Excellent course, presentations. Profesional instructors. Exactly what I needed”

Farooq Hussain

“A very good course well presented. Hopefully I am now able to do better with ECDIS”

Mafizur Rahrman

“The course was very useful for me. It gave me a good amount of knowledge about the system”

Ajay Jhaldiyal

“Excellent overview of ECDIS operations, especially from an inspectors viewpoint”

Irfanul Haque

“Thank you for the very fascinating course. ECDIS Limited has been doing pioneering work towards innervating safety of investigations”

Abdo Jese Tahan Raish

“This course was very useful for my activities. I recommend it. It was a good opportunity for me and a very good information and references were provided during the course”

Toshio Mori

“The period of training and the content of training were enough to understand the training”

Norio Maeda

“I appreciate to be given the opportunity for getting knowledge of ECDIS”

Steven Somerville

“Excellent, really enjoyed my time, wish it could have been longer. Great training establishment, very friendly helpful instructors”

Juolroy Pereira

“Very comprehensive, well structured and informative. Will definitely recommend this course to my peers”

Anuj Gupta

“A good informative course which gives the insight into current state of ECDIS implementation in the industry and the associated pitfalls”

Graeme Gardner

“Course was of value and has given me a high level understanding of items to look for when I visit vessel operators”

Szymon Dabkowski

“Quick crash course for inspectors, very helpful. Made me feel much more comfortable with ECDIS, asking questions and being familiar with all need to know basics”

Manoj Ramanujam

“The course has been well developed to understand the basic skills the ship crew must demonstrate”

Harry Williams

“The best practical training course relating to the job I have ever attended”

John Craig

“Very good course. Professionally presented”

Grgo Skaro

“Great experience and really value of time! Industry will be more safe!”

Ekpenyong Etor

“Fantastic and an eye opener particularly for an inspector with engineering background”