Elizabeth Bell

The exercises where relevant and applicable to real life situations. – Type Specific course

Alexander Mannion

It was an informative day that explained the use of the ECDIS, was a very good experience – ECDIS Type Specific Course

Martin Oakes

Having not done the ECDIS generic course for some years it was well worth while doing the type specific, and in fact would be tempted to do the full ECDIS course again to help refresh.

Matt Panighetti

Great experience, can’t say enough good about Neil.

Steve Crowe

A high level of knowledgeable support for the experienced mariner.

Steve Ainscow

Very Professional, Good to see instructors still in contact with real world.

David Smith

Great facilities, nice people running the course, everything you need on site.

Matt Panighetti

Great experience, can’t say enough good about Neil

Ryan Lasser

Very interesting and at the same time gave me more confident to used ECDIS on-board.

Kaya Teare

The space is very open and clean feeling. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. Great course thank you

Matthew Russell

The staff here a very knowledgable and I am sure we will be using these experts opinions in the future when making
decisions on type approval testing of ECDIS systems in the future.

Anthony Ramsey Lawrence

Very professional and helpful with being able to query anything, much better than electronic courses

Mariano Gargiulo

Very rewarding – glad I have found somewhere that I can learn at my own pace with the aid of very knowledgeable and helpful

Joshua Strudwick

A great day in a very comfortable training environment

Liam Lightbody

Good facilities would travel again. Welcomed in the morning and staff continued to make the day as user friendly as possible.

Trevor McQueen

Was very good, and useful, the centre is nice and staff very friendly . Well looked after and training was very good.

Sam Clifford

Very enjoyable course and would recommend it to anyone working with the system and also a refresher

Domenyk Smith

Professional, well organised and high quality training.

Philip Davidson

Useful info, good staff, good equipment, good revision booklet and support

Robert Keith

Very informative. Excellent instructor knowledge.

Andrew McCartney

Great and friendly staff.

Zoe Witcombe

Informative and helpful.

Grant Fullerton

Great place, laid back atmosphere, fun learning environment, excellent instructors and staff. Can’t fault it at all.


Benjamin Stevenson

Very good facility with knowledgeable staff and the course is delivered in a concise and enjoyable manner.


Richard Warnett

My second course and still very good facilities and very knowledgeable instructors.


Olinmah Afumuzor

It was a very friendly atmosphere and the instructor was really nice and very clear in his teaching.


Harry Morley

Friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable.


Neil Topping

Very well delivered course with friendly staff.


Ian Greenwood

Superb day with great resources both human and electronic.


Sarah Hardie

Excellent service and facilities. Instructors were really knowledgeable and really benefited from the equipment use and knowledge.


Gavin Hurst

A great course to polish up on my ECDIS skills as well as learning some new ones along the way, I had a very attentive and knowledgeable instructor.


Ryan Young

Lovely facility both in layout and equipment but also friendliness and knowledge of staff. Very comfortable learning environment

which feels modern and fit for purpose.


Amit Kumar


It was a nice and friendly atmosphere with more practical knowledge sharing than a classroom.


Fraser Cowden

Very impressive. The facilities were good, instructor was very professional, refreshments were provided. The course was

taken at a good pace that allowed learning to be very easy.


Peter Butler

Good course. Nice balance between theory and practical.


Joss Chambers

Very good facilities and equipment. Knowledgeable and engaging course instructor. Enjoyed overall experience and training was beneficial.

Daniel Smith

Course was very well presented and the instructor very engaging with a thorough knowledge on the subject. Facilities are
excellent and I look forward to returning.

Jack Paxton

Friendly staff, willing to help when needed. Nice, clean building with nice surroundings and good facilities.

Mariano Gargiulo

An excellent course, expertly presented, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have undertaken this training. Already planning my next availability.

Gary Hunt

Excellent facilities and very knowledgeable instructors.

Allan Malcolm Lakey

Highly professional tutors. Course was exactly as required. Completely worthwhile

Michael Smith

Really informative instructors. Good equipment and services.

Martin MacPherson

Knowledgeable lecturers and plenty of time to work through the course. Practical and hands on.

John Renson

Very informative and relevant to ship board activities.

James Morbey

I enjoyed my time at ECDIS Ltd and gained a lot of value through professionalism and approaches of all involved.

Michael Hawkins

This is the third visit to ECDIS ltd and have also recommended to BPMS. A very worth while visit and if any future courses are required would also wish to return.

David Shone

Two days of training that was made as painless as possible by the welcoming atmosphere provided by everyone.

Theodore Bernhard

“Super efficient learning by top professional instructors perfect facility”

David Rice

Excellent course which was very well run, Very well presented. Instructor extremely patient.

Alan Ratcliff

‘ I enjoyed it and liked the flexibility of the staff as well as being able to gain access to training material which I can use on board. ‘