MaxSea and Ecdis Ltd Partnership

MaxSea and Ecdis Ltd PartnershipWe are pleased to announce that MaxSea has formed a new partnership with ECDIS training company Ecdis Ltd, in order to provide customers with portable training on its Time Zero software.  Ecdis Ltd will be exclusive MaxSea trainers in the UK.

ECDIS Ltd was formed to provide training, consultation and accreditation solutions in electronic charting.  The company is accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and employs a team of navigators and master mariners, who have between them taught and accredited over 1,000 seafarers.  Ecdis Ltd equipment is fully portable so they can conduct training in a location of your choosing, even onboard if your facilities can support it. 

“We have chosen Ecdis Ltd as our exclusive trainers in the UK because of their unique ability to take the training to the customer.  The training they give and their experience will allow the customer to get the very best out of our products,” said MaxSea Managing Director Frederic Algalarrondo.

Malcolm Instone, Operations Director of ECDIS Ltd, added, “We are delighted to form a partnership with MaxSea.  Whether you are yacht racing, commercial or more leisure inclined, Time Zero is a superb tool worth consideration for all your navigation requirements.”