ECDIS Ltd Announces Partnership with ADVETO

ECDIS Ltd Announces Partnership with ADVETO

ECDIS training company ECDIS Ltd of the UK and ADVETO of Sweden have entered into partnership in order to provide customers with portable training on ADVETO’s ECDIS 4000. ECDIS Ltd is actively seeking to partner reliable ECDIS manufacturers with type approved systems.

Malcolm Instone, Director of Operations at ECDIS Ltd added, “We are delighted to form a partnership with ADVETO. When an ECDIS is sold the customer wants not only a user friendly and capable system, but also to be confident in utilising it correctly and safely. We can offer ADVETO customers our Flag State approved ECDIS training course at a time when the IMO has decided to make ECDIS carriage mandatory”.

“ECDIS Ltd will in addition to the training also act as an ADVETO retail partner, which fits well into our growth strategy” says Magnus Karlsson, Marketing Manager of ADVETO. “With ECDIS Ltd well trained staff and their Electronic Navigation experience we are certain the customers will be well trained and that ECDIS Ltd will, in a nonbiased way advise potential customers on the most cost effective ECDIS System”.


ECDIS Ltd provides navigation training and consultation in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). They specialise in providing Flag State approved IMO model ECDIS courses to be taught on any IMO accredited ECDIS. Their equipment is fully portable which allows training to be conducted in a location of the customer’s choosing, even onboard if facilities can support it. Ecdis Ltd trainers are highly experienced in the practical use of ECDIS, and combined have taught and accredited over 1000 mariners. Their ECDIS training is endorsed and accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

For further information:
Malcolm Instone
Director of Operations & Standards
2nd Floor
43 Broomfield Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 203 0868880


ADVETO Advanced Technology AB has been in the Electronic Navigation branch since the mid 1980´s. Adveto systems are used all across the world in and around all continents by work boats, tow boats, ferries and ocean-crossing cruise-liners, pilot boats, and training ships. They have become increasingly popular onboard High Speed Crafts and especially with those operating in archipelagos. The majority of our users are still found in Scandinavia but with a rapidly growing number of users around the world. In addition to the National Maritime Administrations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the corresponding bodies in Poland, Spain and Argentina are also ADVETO users and so are customers in many important harbours around the world.

For further information:
Magnus Karlsson
Marketing Manager
ADVETO Advanced Technology AB
Box 8028, SE-163 08 SPÅNGA
Tel: +46 8 366905
Mobile: +46 705 366908
Fax: +46 8 361885