Ben Pogson

It has been a great week and I have learnt a wealth of information to which I will apply in the work place. – ECDIS Generic Course.

Elizabeth Bell

The exercises where relevant and applicable to real life situations. – Type Specific course

Stefan Berry

Great time, and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Professional course with great content..- HELM Management Video Conference Course

Robin Page

Very efficient, well organised and very impressed with the communication. 10/10 all round.- HELM Management Video Conference Course

Max Morgan

An engaging and educational course,  opens up possibilities of improvement of everyday life not just the workplace. – HELM Management Video Conference Course

Alexander Mannion

It was an informative day that explained the use of the ECDIS, was a very good experience – ECDIS Type Specific Course

David Stacey

Well run and very professional from start to finish . – ECDIS Generic course

Christopher Spurling

I found my time with ECDIS limited to be a valuable addition to my professional development. – ECDIS Generic course

Ben Harris

The best course delivered to date, in probably the most equipped set up possible. – ECDIS Generic course


Joshua Tonkin

Great experience with a very well equipped training area. Great instructors – ECDIS Generic course


Martin Oakes

Having not done the ECDIS generic course for some years it was well worth while doing the type specific, and in fact would be tempted to do the full ECDIS course again to help refresh.

Mitchell Pomfret

From walking in the environment is simply breathtaking, very relaxed with extremely friendly and knowledgable staff!

James Burdett

Ecdis Ltd provide an enjoyable course which enables you to come away with a far better understanding on Edcis in comfortable surroundings

Sam Henry

Jonathon is very experienced in the system and could answer all of the questions raised.

Guy draper

Jonathan was very knowledgeable and could always bring things down to Laymans terms!

Christopher Ward

A good training environment and instructors. I will return for other courses on offer.

Matt Panighetti

Great experience, can’t say enough good about Neil.

Steve Crowe

A high level of knowledgeable support for the experienced mariner.

Steve Ainscow

Very Professional, Good to see instructors still in contact with real world.

Matthew Brash

Getting the time on equipment and having someone to answer questions as they arose. I learnt most on the exercises. I can’t imagine any other ECDIS training establishment would be able to match what was provided this week. A*

William Mann

Interesting Looking At The Case Studies. Thoroughly Enjoyed It, Would Come Back For A Course In The Future

David Smith

Great facilities, nice people running the course, everything you need on site.

Matt Panighetti

Great experience, can’t say enough good about Neil

Ryan Lasser

Very interesting and at the same time gave me more confident to used ECDIS on-board.

Kaya Teare

The space is very open and clean feeling. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. Great course thank you

Jack Aidan Cassidy

I’ve had an enjoyable week at the course and felt that I’ve leared a lot over the course of it.

Lewis Smith

Good establishment, friendly people and informative course.

Matthew Russell

The staff here a very knowledgable and I am sure we will be using these experts opinions in the future when making
decisions on type approval testing of ECDIS systems in the future.

Anthony Ramsey Lawrence

Very professional and helpful with being able to query anything, much better than electronic courses

Giles Cope

Excellent Facility, location to Southampton Airport, shopping and dining areas,. New Equipment levels highest seen on all

Mariano Gargiulo

Very rewarding – glad I have found somewhere that I can learn at my own pace with the aid of very knowledgeable and helpful

Kyle Newton

I thought the overall experience was outstanding, even though you guys were going through your office move, you were able
to maintain a pleasant and very high level of education in this subject, I feel confident in my ability now and will recommend to
my fellow colleagues.

Daniel Spafford

A very well run operation from the booking process to the course completion, using great facilities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Derek Flanagan

Excellent experience with very knowledgeable instructors in a very friendly easy going but productive environment

Timothy Carrie

Fantastic.Have enjoyed the week immensely. The instructors’ knowledge and use of the system was perfect throughout the
week. No double backing through menus or ‘errring’ when questions were asked. The ability to use all of the equipment was
excellent. The amenities and the general atmosphere within the facility is outstanding. There were no bugs in any of the
systems and when considering the enormity of the integration required this is .I hope to come back for future training.

Donald Turner

A friendly, well constructed, slick and professional training facility. All needs of the student have been considered and catered for.

Joshua Strudwick

A great day in a very comfortable training environment

Scott Mason

Was a great week and all the staff were extremely friendly

Christopher Dodds

100% would recommend – having recently attended an alternative training establishment ECDIS UK is head and shoulders
above any other establishments. Once again a first class experience , I will continue to recommend ECDIS UK.

Alwyn Engelbrecht

I have enjoyed my learning and will be walking away with valuable knowledge on the operation of ECDIS.

Tom Screen

A good service, I am happy I completed this course and will take a lot away with me.

Joshua Mills

fantastic equipment, great facilities great instructors shall definitely pass the word on.

David Wyatt

A well presented course delivered by an extremely knowledgeable and professional instructor, I have enjoyed the course a great deal and would recommend it to anyone.

Tomislav Cvjetovic

It was a nice and useful experience, teachers are very knowledgeable and job/presentation of whole training is done on high
pensioned and professional level.

Aneta Baran

A lot of outcomes, huge amount of knowledge was covered.
Facility nicely organised.

Mark Porteous

Thoroughly enjoyable, highly informative and very valuable.

Peter John Harrison

Found the course very useful as a reminder of how to work effectively in a team

Liam Lightbody

Good facilities would travel again. Welcomed in the morning and staff continued to make the day as user friendly as possible.

Trevor McQueen

Was very good, and useful, the centre is nice and staff very friendly . Well looked after and training was very good.

Sam Clifford

Very enjoyable course and would recommend it to anyone working with the system and also a refresher