ECDIS Ltd new 1.27 on-line and downloadable annual competency training

ECDIS Ltd new 1.27 online and downloadable annual competency training. Operators and Inspectors spotting a trend in gaps of seafarers basic knowledge in ECDIS.

Video: ECDIS Ltd’s Joe Celebrates His 50th HELM Course

Our HELM instructor Joe Sloly is celebrating his 50th HELM course here at ECDIS Ltd. Here he explains a bit about what the HELM course is and it’s importance. For more information please visit Video produced by Samantha Hucklesby and edited by Mike Backhouse.

New Offshore Drilling Rig Scenario – ECDIS Ltd

Following on from the recent off shore wind farm scenario development ECDIS Ltd are proud to announce a new training environment created by the 3D development team. The environment is based around a large off shore drilling rig and has been created to give the instructors a new theme to base their exercises from. Jack […]

Video: ECDIS Ltd – Building a simulator complex in 7 days!

We recently installed a full bridge simulator suite in Istanbul, Turkey in just 7 days. Consisting of 2 mini sims, 1 enhanced mini sim, a full mission tug simulator and instructor station. All communicate within the same scenario, enabling extensive real-life training scenarios in a safe environment. For more information please visit Images and […]

Moving with the industry: Simulating Offshore Wind Farms

Our team of 3D artists have been working hard to create ECDIS Ltd’s first simulated generic wind farm environment. Based off the real life Kentish Flats wind farm near Margate the new environment will give our instructors a new area to base exercises from adding fresh ideas to their simulated scenarios…

The Importance of Continuous Professional Development

As a Navigational training academy, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key message ECDIS Ltd instructors stress to our students. We know that while students are here with us they are at the top of their game with all that knowledge fresh in their minds, exercise books in hand and instructors on call. As soon […]

Simulation and Its Usefulness as a Training Aid

ECDIS Ltd has delivered training using simulation since its inception. The Full Mission Bridge, Inspector Stations and Individual Desktop Simulators are an integral part to everyday training at the ECDIS Ltd Facility. Robyn Harrigan, Training and Production Manager and Nick Harding, Lead instructor, explains simulation and its usefulness as a training aid…  At ECDIS Ltd […]

Training the Simulator Trainers for the Real World

We are still Training the Trainers, this time in the simulator. From the 6.09 course this time last month, to the 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course last week, our instructor, Joe Sloly delivered the 6.10 as an ECDIS Ltd first. Whilst delivering the IMO 6.10 Train the Simulator Instructor and Assessor course […]

ECDIS Ltd – Training The Trainers

ECDIS Ltd carried out and completed their first 6.09 Instructors ‘Train the trainer’ course at the beginning of June and since then has received the official rubber stamp of approval from the MCA. One of our ECDIS Ltd instructors, Richard Sloly (although we all call him Joe) attended the training and so can hold his 6.09 certificate up high, here he talks about his week on the course…

5 Hints and Tips on Chart Purchasing

Chart Purchasing – Start here! Choosing the right ECDIS system from the array of types and costs available often feels overwhelming, but it is only half the story. If you’re considering (or reconsidering) your current Chart Purchasing strategy, try starting with these tips…

4 Hints and Tips Towards Better Teaching Techniques

Having to deliver or even attend training courses that are by their very nature defined as ‘dry and boring’ can be fuelled by the fact that the lessons are full of statistics and definitions or where lecturers have got it horribly wrong during lesson planning. Some of the tell tale signs are:

Too many PowerPoint slides (The moment a student picks up on this it will usually drive fear and dread in to their hearts and will hinder engagement).
Over use or poorly measured colour schemes on slides
Over use of transition.
Bad PowerPoint technique and timing (Jumping in and out of slides and presentations)
Skipping slides
So, are we going to just accept that some lessons are very dry and as an instructor just plough through the lesson and get onto more interesting lessons, or, is it possible to look at maybe a different approach to the delivery? When I say different approach, I am really talking about engagement with students. Standing at the front of a course and regurgitating stuff from a folder, book or tablet can be counter-productive. Some lessons will be dry and boring, but by approaching this kind of lesson differently, it is possible to embrace these lessons and get as much out of them as possible from more interactive ones.

Here’s how…

What is the effect of the recent drop in oil prices on the shipping industry?

Nearly all merchant ships use oil in some form for their main engines and for generating electricity. Fuel costs are a major element of the running costs of a ship. For example over the last 6 months the price on  the Rotterdam market for low sulphur 380 cst has fallen from about 630 US Dollars […]

The Future of Marine Simulation

For many years the aviation community has embraced simulator-based training as an integral part of teaching syllabi; not as a replacement for time in a real aircraft but to augment and consolidate theory, practice procedures and to push students’ capacity to a degree perhaps not possible in a real aircraft due to the risk inherent […]

Video: ECDIS Ltd 3D Department – Modelling The Future

We’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. Find out all about our 3D Department at ECDIS Ltd. From Port & Vessel creation, to full mission bridge simulator designs and visualisations; our team are dedicated to producing state of the art simulation for training environments.  Produced by our own Ben Climas and featuring Jack Osborn, our Head of 3D Department…

Redesigning The ECDIS Ltd Website

Improving the ECDIS website was one of the original priorities I had when I first started here back in April last year, although it soon became clear that we wanted to do a bit more than just improve the site and it was in August 2014 that we decided to fully redesign it. We wanted […]

Development and creation of the 2015 ECDIS Ltd Brochure

2015 has seen major changes for ECDIS ltd, with a significant increase in new courses and additional products & services added to our portfolio; including vessel creation and auditing. As such, our prospectus was in need of a major redesign. Amy Shelton, our Head of Marketing was tasked with this massive undertaking… When I initially […]

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Great experience with a very well equipped training area. Great instructors – ECDIS Generic course  
Joshua Tonkin22/11/2021

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